Dental Bridges – The Best Solution for Teeth Gaps

Teeth gaps are among the dental problems taken for granted by many people. If not corrected soon, holes will grow wider and become more apparent. Dental Bridges in Tijuana are this issue’s solution that’s readily available in many clinics today.

Each bridge set consists of two abutment teeth with a false tooth or teeth in between. The abutment teeth can be your natural teeth if the dentist confirms they’re healthy enough. Otherwise, dental implants will be used for anchoring. The false teeth, which are technically called politics, can be created from porcelain, alloy, gold, or a combination of these.

The two abutment teeth will prepare your first visit to your dentist. Expect a portion of your teeth’s enamel to be removed as your teeth need to be reshaped to make room for the crowns that will set on top of them. For the dental laboratory to customize a dental bridge, pontic, and crowns for you, impressions of your teeth have to do. While they are all being made, you’ll wear a temporary bridge to keep your teeth and gums from being exposed.

The next time you see your dentist, he’ll check the fit of your customized bridge. The fit of the framework and the bite have to be perfect before the dentist finally sets them in. If you’ve opted for a permanent bridge, your dentist will usually temporarily fix it for two weeks and observe its fit before cementing it permanently.

Bridges for your gapped teeth recommended for aesthetic and restorative reasons. Self-esteem is improved when gaps are corrected because finally the patient can smile more and speak better. Replacing missing teeth also helps in the proper distribution of your bite so you can chew your food better and avoid mouth injuries. A close gap in a teeth structure can also change one’s face shape; solving it with a bridge keeps it from being deformed.

Costs of dental bridges differ according to various factors – the extent of your dental problem, the type of bridge, and professional fees of dentists in your location, among others. In some countries, there are dental insurance plans that cover a percentage of this type of cosmetic procedure.

If you’re planning to consult your Dentists in Mexico about this dental solution, keep in mind that the effort to have a good set of teeth won’t stop with this procedure. You still need to have proper oral hygiene and checkups regularly to maintain your teeth.