Why Choosing the Right Cannabis Packaging Printing Company can Make or Break Your Business

As you know, the cannabis industry is anything but stable. With medical marijuana now legal in 25 states and recreational marijuana use legal in other states, there are multiple regional guidelines that are always changing.

Just as other industries selling controlled substances like tobacco and alcohol bust meet strict packaging and printing guidelines, so too must marijuana products for retail sales. This is why your company should focus on finding the best cannabis packaging printing company that offers meticulous, flawless package structural engineering and label design that meets the current regulations and requirements.

What Today’s Cannabis Packaging Printing Distributors Look for in Retail Solutions

Marijuana dispensaries continue to hunt for cannabis packaging and printing solutions that deliver reliable, comprehensive labeling and containers while meeting state guidelines and regulations. They also seek marijuana packaging companies that have the resources and equipment to respond to new regulatory updates on the fly. If a cannabis packaging printing company fails to do this, major infractions can plague a company that can ultimately boot them out of business.

According to the weed trade magazine ‘Marijuana Business Daily’, failures from cannabis packaging printing companies accounted for nearly 13 percent of regulatory infractions in the cannabis industry across the country. In states like California, Oregon and Colorado, erroneous printing is one of the top five regulatory compliance infractions executed by cannabis packaging printing companies entrusted by marijuana dispensaries to legally brand, promote and sell their product.

There is a mammoth list of guidelines and regulations the legalized cannabis industry absolutely must follow. As such, packaging printing companies hired to execute on creative solutions for clients in this space must be abreast to all state guidelines to the letter. Make sure your cannabis printing packaging company has a quality control and compliance inspector working closely with engineers and designers.

Insist on Flexible Cannabis Packaging Printing Companies, or Hemorrhage Revenue

Accuracy, swift production, and the ability to adapt to changes on the fly attests to the best cannabis packaging printing company in the country. Ask your product packaging provider if they have label design technology and printing automation software allowing engineering and design teams the flexibility and ease to make stealthy, accurate modifications in a world where new requirements and regulations can emerge from nowhere. The printing packaging company should be able to make speedy, instant changes to cannabis labels while simultaneously printing high-volumes from numerous printers. If the cannabis packaging printing company doesn’t have the infrastructure to do this, your production can come to a stand still and you can lose large sums of money.

To Make Money, Your Cannabis Packaging Printing Company Must Know Your Buyers

Your cannabis packaging printing shouldn’t just be a packaging engineer and label designer; they should be an arm to your marketing body. There are two types of marijuana buyers: those who use it recreationally, and those that purchase it for medicinal reasons. In the medicinal market you have a wide range of consumers spanning conservatives who have reservations in even consuming cannabis, even if it is for pain management and health matters. Then you have those who don’t have moral dilemmas but are nonetheless conservative. They you have your recreational users that span from younger, hippie groups to white collar individuals who want to smoke a joint after a long day in the office. The best cannabis packaging print companies will be able to take your segmented buyer lists, analyze the buyer personas, and create packaging solutions that will speak to every cohort in your buyer audience. And when you have a cannabis packaging printing company that gets this deep in the weeds, you can expect to see steady, year-over-year growth!